Kansas City Car Detailing Shop Talks Flat Black Finishes

Our Kansas City Car Detailing shop gets to detail our share of cool and custom cars. A popular trend for the past few years has been to wrap cars in flat black. It looks really cool but auto detailing them can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. They scratch really easily and are actually pretty sensitive to chemicals.

Car Detailing in Kansas City

You have to make sure to use the proper auto detailing car wash soap and microfiber mit. An important auto detailing tip when drying a car like this is to use a high-quality microfiber drying towel. Let the towel do all of the work.

Kansas City auto detailing

Kansas City Car Detailing


When the detailing project goes well, the results are amazing. Sleek, aggressive and hold a resemblance to the Batmobile. Our auto detailing team was definitely happy with the results.

Car Detailing Kansas City


When it comes to car detailing, the details really matter. That is why our Kansas City car detailing slogan is “Delivering the Details”.

Mobile Auto Detailing Kansas City



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2012 MLB All Star Game Kansas City Auto Detailing Job

Our Kansas City auto detailing company wax called in to detail almost 80 trucks for the 2012 MLB All Star Game parade trucks. It was a six hour time slot we had to to detail all of them. Realizing that we had over 300 wheels and tires to detail and dress, almost 400 windows to clean and around 80 cars to wash and dry, our auto detailing crew geared up. Normally, this might not be a huge deal if our auto detailing team was given a week. However, we were given a six hour time slot to get all of these cars done.

Mobile Auto Detailing Kansas City


As the auto detailing crew got to washing, the cars were starting to look pretty good. It was an enormous detailing project though.

Car Detailer Detailing a Car

Car Detailing Crew At Work

Kansas City Auto Detailing

Kansas City Car Detailing Van


It took us 5 hours and 55 minutes to complete the whole project. Just 5 minutes under our allotted time to get the cars washed and detailed. Looking good:

Auto Detailing Finished

Car Detailing Kansas City


Mobile auto detailing in Kansas City really has its good days and its bad days. This was definitely a good day. How many auto detailing companies in Kansas City will be able to say that they detailed all of the trucks for the 2012 MLB All Star Game Parade? Our detailers were definitely honored to be apart of it!


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Kansas City Auto Detailing Advice | Wheel Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how to take care of custom rims? Well, being a Kansas City auto detailing company we are faced with two things. First off, bad weather. Secondly, nice cars. People love to put custom rims on their cars in Kansas City. One problem that you will run into with aftermarket and custom wheels is that they damage easily. The wrong auto detailing techniques or chemicals will destroy a nice set of custom rims.

Detailing Car Wheels in Kansas City

Here is some professional auto detailing advice if you are wanting to keep your custom wheels looking their best.

First off, you need to make sure to get the proper car detailing chemicals so that you don’t damage your wheel’s coating.

Car Detailing in Kansas City

Secondly, you need to make sure to use the correct auto detailing tools.

Kansas City Car Detailers

Thirdly, you need to make sure to be gentle with the car while you are detailing. The proper auto detailing tools and chemicals should be enough to break through the tough brake dust.

Detailing a Car in KC

Last but not least, patience. Take your time and get all of the little details.
Auto Detailing Kansas City

With the wheels all detailed and the rest of the car finished, the results are great.

Mobile Auto Detailing Kansas City

Here are some cool pictures of auto detailing projects that we have completed in Kansas City. Figured we would give you a little eye candy!

Porsche Detailing in KC

Kansas City Car Detailing

Make sure to follow these for steps when you are detailing a car and you won’t damage your custom wheels.

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Kansas City Car Detailing | Porsche 911

A call came into our Kansas City car detailing shop. A gentleman had just purchased a Porsche 911 from New Jersey and needed an auto detailing for a show that weekend. We told him to come in so we could see how much work it needed. The Porsche was far beyond what a regular auto detailing would deliver. It was in need of a 12 labor hour car detail project.

Being that we stay slammed detailing cars in Kansas City, it was going to be hard to swing it. The car show was Sunday and he got ahold of us on Tuesday. We found a way to get his car detailed on Saturday. As you are about to see, this was a restorative level auto detailing project. The thing took us all day.


911 Car Detailing in Kansas City Kansas City Auto Detailing Porsche Car Detailing

As you can see, the Porsche is in bad shape. Below you can see a 50/50 after the polishing auto detail step:

Porsche Car Detail Project Kansas City Car Detailing Project After KC Auto Detailing

The porsche needed over 12 labor hours of work to finish this show car auto detailing. The results are amazing though. Just look at the cars below after the auto detailing project was finished.

Headlight After Auto Detailing Top Kansas City Auto Detailing Porsches After Car Detail Car Detailing Kansas City Car Detail Gloss After KC Car Detailing

The results are absolutely stunning. The owner of the Porsche was beyond happy with the results. There is a reason why our clients call us the top Kansas City car detailing company. Being able to perform an auto detailing to this level is rare.

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Kansas City Auto Detailing Promo

Our Kansas City Auto Detailing company has been growing extremely quick. People love our website, our logo, our car detailing packages and most of all our quality of service. But how do you convey other peoples experience of our Kansas City Car Detailing company? Videos. Testimonies, videos of us detailing cars, videos of our auto detailing employees and video of the owner sharing his vision. Once we knew that we need to create promo videos, we called up Todd Davidson with Todd Davidson Photography.



Kansas City Car Detailing in Shop T

Todd getting setup to shoot the Kansas City auto detailing promo video. Once setup, he was ready to start filming our detailers in action.

Kansas City Auto Detailing ShootTodd getting up close and personal with one of our car detailers. Now it was time to hit the road. We wanted to capture what our clients have to say about our mobile auto detailing in Kansas City.

Commercial Auto Detailing in KC Car Detailing Kansas City Promo Vid Auto Detailing Kansas City Promo KC Auto Detailing ClientWith the shooting all done, it is time to get to editing. Promo videos to come.

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Automotive Detailing Biz Talks on Ceramic Wax Coatings

Automotive Detailing

In an ever-evolving sector, a good auto detailing technician has to struggle to maintain knowledge around the most up-to-date engineering and techniques. This document will educate the professional along with beginners to grasp the technological innovation involving Nanoceramics.

The word “Nanoceramic” does apply to far more than just car detailing technology. This isn’t a commentary on the whole variety of nanoceramics but on the unique car detailing application. Nanoceramics are a completely new nanotechnology being utilized in a lot of sectors along with professional apps, auto detailing is simply one.

Nanoceramics are now being largely utilized in Germany by technicians and top of the line sports car manufacturers. The incredibly tiny sized  product offers innovative developments inside car surfacing protection and enhancement. Car detailers have only recently acquired access to the modern technology.

This kind of innovative coating is largely intended to present an incorporated covering of coverage to stop environmental conditions, dirt, or everyday scratches. Apart from greater worries such as car accidents or large dings, chemical substances, cuts, Ultra violet rays, and also heat are often the primary hazards to your car paint.

The actual nanoceramic components are made up of molecular bodies the dimensions of an atom. These particular particles build extremely strong bonds as well as load your microscopic holes and imperfections on the surface of the paint, leading to an exceptionally durable protective and corrective layer.

Typically the atom-sized sized the particular nanoceramic material and its ability to combine within 3-dimensions means that the surface will not leave behind pores or pits, inducing liquids, soil, bird droppings, and other contaminates to shed from the surface.

The actual ceramic coating likewise retards electrical deposits along the auto body. It is extra degree of protection towards pollutants.

Nanoceramics moreover will shield from undesirable Ultra violet rays and also fouling because of atmosphere impurities. These variables are able to weaken as well as wear down car paint finishes. As before, the tough covering and chemical qualities of the nanoceramic are a highly effective shield towards wear or fouling.

In addition to Ultra-Violet and also pollution defense, once the material is properly implemented the coating dry more durable than the production finish. Your physical make-up of the chemical substance simultaneously ensure it is extremely thin however robust.

Nanoceramics are being used within a number of markets, for example outer space exploration and high-tech tooling, regarding heat-dispersion. High temperature energy from the Sun or engine can lead to oxidation or fouling, especially in Summer months. Reducing the temperature could defend the car paint and even great the car overall temperature.

A common misconception regarding nanoceramic coatings is that it will rejuvenate the top-coat of the coloration. That isn’t really accurate. Nanoceramics can give an ultra-thin clear layer, yet if paint is diminished or maybe the previous coating is very corroded the protective finish will simply cover and keep the existing condition.

Auto detailing nanoceramic products can be wide-ranging as well as a number of practical application approaches. Depending on the additive composition of the particular type the method will be straightforward or it may be challenging. Because items evolve strategies will probably be simple.

Many nanoceramic coating brands state they result in a two year use time period before re-application is needed. Automotive detailing pros should decide for themselves whether to warranty these products that time. It’s very helpful to ensure you as the professional car detailing tech research and find a trusted brand and the right implementation technique to benefit from this innovation in car care. Faulty usage can lead to a wasteful and therefore pointless servicing

6 Ways To Wash a Car – Auto Detailing Kansas City KS

Auto Detailing Kansas City Kansas

Practically anybody knows that hand washing your vehicle is the highest quality way to get your car nice and clean. But not every single hand car wash system was made with the same goal in mind. In all reality, a lot of hand car wash processes will actually cause damage to that loved car in your garage. Let’s go on and talk about six of the main techniques which you will find are being used to hand wash vehicles throughout the auto detail industry right now.

At present, you will discover an emerging approach that a small number of car detailing businesses are working with to provide hand car washes using only normal water together with a auto detailing drying towel. Those auto detailing businesses will hose the car down with water then simply just dry it with the drying shammy. Although it can be a serious way to save time, this system is going to damage your auto.

Many people opt to head to the do-it-yourself carwash having their professional wash pad and car detail drying rag. They will hose the car with the detergent spray, mop over the car using the car wash mitt, rinse off the car and then dry it using the auto detailing drying rag.

There’s a new and good method professional car detailers seem to be washing vehicles with now. It is with a car detailing soap foamer. The target here’s to pre-soak the auto with detergent foam, wipe it down by using a washing mitt and afterwards rinse the soap and dirt off the auto. As long as a rinse off pail is getting employed to keep your washing sponge is free from grit and an effective car detail drying microfiber is used to dry up the vehicle, this will be a great process.

By far the most widely used hand car wash strategy is to purchase a pail of water, a small amount of car cleaning soap, a wash glove along with a microfiber or shammy. However you want to make certain to buy a delicate car washing pad, superior car wash liquid soap and a microfiber auto detailing dry rag. Still, there is a far superior process.

The best way to hand wash your auto is through a two bucket method. This particular system moves your typical hose and bucket approach already mentioned to another level. One bucket is made for new water and soap while the second bucket is designed for rinsing. Dip your wash glove into the soap and water bucket, wipe down a panel on the car, rinse out your washing sponge in the rinse bucket, drop your newly washed car washing sponge inside of the water and soap, wash the subsequent area and do it again until the vehicle is done.

A lot of car detailing companies take a pairing of the car detailing foaming soap gun along with the two bucket process. It is very effective. Presoak the car with the auto detailing foaming soap gun then finish with your two-bucket system. This is truly a terrific system and mostly will have to be used for completely soiled cars.

Those are the most common hand car wash processes available. Absolutely professional auto detailing businesses utilize this two-bucket system. If you prefer always keeping your car nice and clean and wish to eliminate the risk of causing swirls on your car, ensure that you, or maybe the auto detail shop you may be picking, uses a wonderful two-bucket method.

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