2012 MLB All Star Game Kansas City Auto Detailing Job

Our Kansas City auto detailing company wax called in to detail almost 80 trucks for the 2012 MLB All Star Game parade trucks. It was a six hour time slot we had to to detail all of them. Realizing that we had over 300 wheels and tires to detail and dress, almost 400 windows to clean and around 80 cars to wash and dry, our auto detailing crew geared up. Normally, this might not be a huge deal if our auto detailing team was given a week. However, we were given a six hour time slot to get all of these cars done.

Mobile Auto Detailing Kansas City


As the auto detailing crew got to washing, the cars were starting to look pretty good. It was an enormous detailing project though.

Car Detailer Detailing a Car

Car Detailing Crew At Work

Kansas City Auto Detailing

Kansas City Car Detailing Van


It took us 5 hours and 55 minutes to complete the whole project. Just 5 minutes under our allotted time to get the cars washed and detailed. Looking good:

Auto Detailing Finished

Car Detailing Kansas City


Mobile auto detailing in Kansas City really has its good days and its bad days. This was definitely a good day. How many auto detailing companies in Kansas City will be able to say that they detailed all of the trucks for the 2012 MLB All Star Game Parade? Our detailers were definitely honored to be apart of it!


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