Kansas City Car Detailing | Porsche 911

A call came into our Kansas City car detailing shop. A gentleman had just purchased a Porsche 911 from New Jersey and needed an auto detailing for a show that weekend. We told him to come in so we could see how much work it needed. The Porsche was far beyond what a regular auto detailing would deliver. It was in need of a 12 labor hour car detail project.

Being that we stay slammed detailing cars in Kansas City, it was going to be hard to swing it. The car show was Sunday and he got ahold of us on Tuesday. We found a way to get his car detailed on Saturday. As you are about to see, this was a restorative level auto detailing project. The thing took us all day.


911 Car Detailing in Kansas City Kansas City Auto Detailing Porsche Car Detailing

As you can see, the Porsche is in bad shape. Below you can see a 50/50 after the polishing auto detail step:

Porsche Car Detail Project Kansas City Car Detailing Project After KC Auto Detailing

The porsche needed over 12 labor hours of work to finish this show car auto detailing. The results are amazing though. Just look at the cars below after the auto detailing project was finished.

Headlight After Auto Detailing Top Kansas City Auto Detailing Porsches After Car Detail Car Detailing Kansas City Car Detail Gloss After KC Car Detailing

The results are absolutely stunning. The owner of the Porsche was beyond happy with the results. There is a reason why our clients call us the top Kansas City car detailing company. Being able to perform an auto detailing to this level is rare.

If you would like to talk to us about getting a car detailing in Kansas City, go ahead and give us a call.