Auto Detailing | Winter Waxing Tips


The months of winter will be really hard on your car. A vehicle’s paint can wind up getting ruined from all of the road salt that they put on the roads. Not to mention, the local car washes often use very harsh chemicals to clean the salt off of your car. The car can get attacked from a ton of fronts while in the winter months. We have found some auto detailing suggestions that should help keep the car guarded and looking its very best through the coming winter season.

Right before the winter time comes, you should think about putting on a quality car detailing wax. Superior car detailing wax is going to be a defense for the paint. Detailing car wax is going to keep dirt, road salt and the snow from clinging to your car as well. Some waxes aren’t as durable as others. Going with a durable wax is an absolute must for harsh weather conditions.

Right before the cold weather strikes, be certain to get a course of action to protect and keep your car washed up. Having your car washed up immediately after each snowfall is critical.

With the extreme winter season, making sure to keep the car washed up will be a total must in order to preserve your car’s value. No matter whether you get a car detailing company that will come out to where you are, visit a car detail shop for a hand washing, clean the car yourself or decide to visit the automatic car wash, have a plan so the road salt doesn’t adhere to and ruin your car or truck.

The following is a little advice should you choose to pick an automatic car wash. Automatic car washes are recognized for their extremely severe chemicals and swirl inducing brushes. While many car washes have brushes that will scuff your car other automatic car washes are brush-less but they have to use extremely aggressive chemicals. Be sure to use the brush-less auto wash rather than the ones that use brushes. Automatic car washes that have the brushes will consistently swirl and scuff your car. Although the brush-free ones use harsher chemicals, it is definitely the best of the two.

Here are some pieces of advice for the brush-free vehicle washes though. Let’s look back at paragraph two when we brought up car detailing waxes. Going with a high-quality wax will not only shield your car from the road salt but it will likewise protect your vehicle from the harsh chemicals used at the local car wash.

Make certain that you choose to go with a synthetic car detailing wax product instead of natural wax. Sure carnauba wax is the choice for high-end car detailing clients simply because of its natural shine and beauty but daily driven cars should really stick to the synthetic wax because of its durable benefits. A good synthetic car detailing wax should also be resistant against alkaline-based chemicals.

A good car detailing shop should be able to competently wash your ride. Just make sure they will utilize both a rinse bucket and a soap bucket to get your car washed. Some car detail companies will rinse down your vehicle with h2o and then dry it while other detailers will use one bucket to clean your whole car. But, there are some problems with each of these sorts of auto detailers.

If a car detail company merely rinses your ride off then goes over it with a drying towel, they will end up inducing scratches into your car. If the auto detailing company is just using a single bucket, you run the danger of the water becoming so filthy that the paint will get damaged because of the muck. Make certain your current auto detailing business is going to be using a bucket for cleaning off the mitt and a bucket of soapy water.

Perhaps you have decided you would like to wash the car personally. Use the very same rinse bucket and water and soap bucket system that we just talked about. You’ll want to wash all of the dirt and grime off of your vehicle while not harming your nice paint job. This needs to be your main goal every single time you clean your ride.

Regardless if you prefer to go with the auto wash, the area auto detailing shop or choose to clean up your vehicle on your own, it is very important to keep the car protected and clean. You shouldn’t go with any auto detailing wax in order to safeguard the ride though, be sure you get a high-quality synthetic auto detail wax to safeguard your automobile’s paint. Waxing your ride during the winter time will help with keeping your car looking it’s best. Hopefully you liked these auto detailing tips and thought that they will be beneficial. We wish you the best of luck as you get yourself through this tough winter time.